Ale and Lager

One of the favorite beverages, beer, is consumed by many all over the world. To gain more expertise in beer and its varieties, one should be able to recognize the chief characteristics of beer, the types and to evaluate the taste and strength of the beer. There are two main branches of beer which are ale and lager. There are many more styles of beer which depend on the taste and strength too. You can tell the quality of the beer you drink, by just looking at the label and the bottle, if you are an expert. The food that is paired with the beer has to be learned, to enjoy the perfect combination of the flavor of beer and the food. Once you get to know how is beer made, you will start to become an expert in the making of beer. Just follow the detailed procedure on how is beer made step by step from the website at and you can learn it perfectly. When you click here, you will get more information on beer and its varieties. 

Two Classifications


Ale and beer are main classifications of beer. Ale has been in existence for many centuries while lager is a more modern drink that has been in use, for less than 200 years. The yeast that is used in the fermentation of the beer determines if it is ale or lager. The temperature, at which the fermentation takes place, is also determined by the type of beer it is to be made. Ale is fermented at a higher temperature within 55 to 70 degrees in Fahrenheit which is 12 to 21 degrees Celsius. Lager requires to be fermented at a lower temperature which is between 38 and 50 degrees in Fahrenheit and 3 to 10 degrees in Celsius. Though the temperature and the yeast determine if it is lager or beer, to tell the difference between the two, in terms of taste, is quite difficult. To know how is beer made perfectly, just remember that “practice makes perfect”. For more info, you can visit our website. 


Ales are dark shaded drinks that range from red amber to a lush gold. They get the color from the top ferment especially with more quantity of wort added to it. The bitterness from hop is more enhanced and seasoned. Though it has the same alcoholic strength as lager, they are considered more acidic and bitter. Those who know how is beer made can identify the extra bitterness in ale.



Lager is derived from the German term which gives the meaning “to store”. As lager has to be stored at very low temperatures, it gets its name from this feature. It has to be preserved for more time, to get the refreshing taste of a good larger. The color of lager varies from a pale color to a black color. Their carbonation content is also high. It uses bottom fermenting. The long aging factor is an important characteristic of lager. If you know how is beer made step by step, this feature should be given special attention.


Stouts and Porters


Stout is quite bitter to taste and has a heavy flavor of barley and comes in the same shade of barley. The coffee-like liquid comes from un-malted barley with an astringent taste. Porter comes in darker shades using the top fermenting method. It uses roasted malt to give off more fragrance and flavor. It is made by top fermentation. 


The Difference

Ale has a robust taste and has a higher level of bitterness. It has a complex aroma and taste and can be enjoyed at room temperature. It is more aromatic and fruity. Lager has a lighter taste and is more carbonated. The mellow taste makes it smoother in the mouth.  There is a balanced aroma and taste. It has to be served chill. Lager fermentation takes place slowly from the bottom up. Ales fermentation takes place quickly and from top down. In England, if a person asks for a beer, he will get ale only. If he wants lager, he will have to specifically ask for it. If you know how beer is made at home, you can check these differences.


Tips to make Lager at home

Lager has to be fermented at low temperature which ranges at around 11 to 12 degrees Celsius. You cannot get the exact flavor, if it is left to ferment at room temperature. They are light-weighted and any flaw in the taste will be most evident. When you know how is beer made, you can brew it easily, but as refrigerators at home do not have provision for the low temperatures, it has to be stored separately where such low temperatures are available. The wort should be properly aerated as it requires more oxygen. The fermentation process requires more yeast, which should be double the quantity required for ale. If you know how is beer made, you can do the calculation easily while adding yeast. After fermentation, it has to be kept at very cold temperatures for about 4 to 12 weeks. Additional yeast can be added for bottling. Liquid yeast culture can be used of high quality to get good lager. Boiling wort has to be chilled quickly with a rapid decrease in temperature to ensure strong and health fermentation. Homebrewers, who know how is beer made, should be careful while doing this process. A wort chiller can be used. Proper sanitization for lager brewing is important as the aging period is much longer for lager and it is easy for the bacteria to grow. When you know how beer is made at home, you will have to use properly sanitized containers. To see more on how to make beer, you can refer to our website.



While drinking ale or lager, each person should realize that a very small quantity can be taken for health benefits through responsible drinking. If a person does not know his limits while drinking the ale or lager, he will become addictive to the alcohol content, which may unnecessarily affect his health negatively. 

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